Natural Beauty


Lash Extensions

Whether you like a natural look or a flashy volume look; lash extensions may be just what you need to have you waking up feeling flawless. When you have lash extensions, you don't even need makeup for that extra confidence boost. Special occasion lashes do the trick to make
you shine also! We can walk through what is right for you.

Eyelash Implants

Teeth whitening

Relax while getting those tough coffee and wine stains lifted from that beautiful smile! I will add a protective barrier layer on the gum line, then place the whitening solution to the teeth to brighten that smile. You sit under a directed light for each 20 minute session with eye protection. Best results after 2 sessions!

Tooth gems

want to add an extra sparkle to that smile? I can help with that. With a little sparkle from Swarovski Crystal or gold plated designs, it’s the extra boost of confidence to show off that smile! Pairs well with teeth whitening services.


Energy healing

feeling pain or down in your aura? This service is great for a little feel good boost for your day. No touch is required. I place healing hands over your body and the energy does its job to give you a living charge where it’s needed to feel better today.

Body contour

want to look snatched without going under the knife? Whether you have health complications or just mentally can’t get into the idea of surgery, I can help you out. A BBL is the most risky surgery you can put your body through and women all over are risking their life for the body of their dreams. The idea of a botched surgery is terrifying! There are other ways to go for a snatched look without the risk and cost of going under the knife! The results will amaze you! You can get the body of your dreams with non evasive contour. Get the confidence you deserve the safe way! Set up your consultation today!

Body Massage


radio frequency machine is used on a specific area to stimulate fast cells for weight loss. Stimulates inch loss. Recommended to drink water through the day of the service, waist train for 8 hours following appointment (speak with health care provide if there are concerns), and exercise following service for 30 min. Please do not book this service if you are pregnant, have heart complications or a pace maker. 

Go wrap

Using only state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.

Go Wrap.jpg

Vacuum butt lift

A vacuum cup is placed on the buttocks to stimulate lifting and shaping in the area. Works best for clients that have something to work with in that area.

Body ice/wood therapy combo

body ice is a trade marked ice used to stimulate the fat cells during a light lymphatic massage. Once the ice is done you are wrapped in a fool to let it set in. Then you are to wipe down and start the wood therapy. Wood therapy uses a combination of wooden tools and oil to contour the body. This service had amazing results! 1-2 services for people that don’t have much to lose to see results and 5-6 for our larger friends to see results. Recommended to work out for thirty minutes after your service and waist train for 8 hours after your service. Drink plenty of water.